If you only have time to send 1 email, make it this one. This email includes a number of causes demanding your urgent attention including Belly Mujinga, the freezing of riot gear to the US, denouncing Trump’s incitement of violence among US citizens and explicit condemnation of the of the UK police’s use of brutal force and physical violence against protesters.

email your MP about solidarity with BLM movement

The UK government grants export licenses worth millions of pounds for the sale of anti-crowd gas, riot equipment, rubber bullets and other arms to the US – yet the government’s own rules state such exports should not go ahead where they are likely to be used for “internal repression”. Write to your MP and hold the government accountable for its facilitation of and silence in regards to the attacks on protesters and activists taking place.

email your MP about freezing riot gear sales to the US

Urge your MP to help find and prosecute the individual who assaulted Belly Mujinga at London Victoria whilst knowingly being infected with COVID-19. This letter highlights the British Transport Police failures and demands includes the release of CCTV footage, and release of information surrounding a 57 year old man who spat on her and yet has not been prosecuted under Crown Prosecution Services, and demanding an investigation into why Govia Thameslink did not provide Ms Mujinga with PPE despite their knowledge of her health conditions.

email your MP about Belly Mujinga

As tragic as the case of Madeline McCann is, why has £12m of public money been spent on this case, when the case into the murder or Shukri, a 12 year old from Somalia has been essentially deemed closed. On 8th June 2020, Andy Burnham, MP for Manchester Andy Burnham said he would reopen the case. Email your local MP to ensure he keeps his word to keep the pressure on Greater Manchester Police to find the perpetrators of this tragic killing.

email your MP about Shukri Abdi

Urge the Health Secretary Matt Hancock and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to expediently release the full unredacted Public Health England report on the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on Black and Ethnic Minority communities.

email your MP about releasing full COVID-19 report into BAME deaths

Real change will come with eduction. Write to your MP demanding they adequately incorporate Black British history into the national curriculum.

email your MP about making Black History Mandatory in Curriculum